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Our story

Value Creation Labs® (VCL) was founded in 2021 and showcases a team of strategists, technologists and tacticians that can lead and support companies’ immediate and long term goals. VCL’s consortium is a mix of management consultants that have built products and executed go-to-market strategies for household brands and startups that have achieved billions of dollars worth of value in exits and revenue. As leadership team architects, VCL has consistently built and managed high-performing domestic and global teams that span the gamut of product development, technology, marketing, branding, and many more expertises.

VCL came in and replaced a bunch of disparate point solutions and brought brand unity and direction to Space. They came up with our go-to-market strategy and brought a range of talent to serve different needs across product, sales and marketing. They’re a one-stop-shop that gets shit done.

Zeeshan Sheikh

CEO, Spacesoft, Inc.

It’s rare to find an outside consultancy that can partner so seamlessly with an internal team and help reach objectives right out the gate. Working with Zach and the team at VCL has added huge value to our market positioning, branding, and b2b PR efforts and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Dot Levine

Head of Communications, VEVO

Zach has been generous with his time and network, all of which has served to help our students in pursuit of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Gina Deschamps

Director, Angle Center for Entrepreneurship
at the Endicott College School of Business



Zach Servideo

Founder/Curator of Vibes

Zach is a charismatic leader who believes strangers are best referred to as new friends. He’s been on the front lines branding, launching and growing companies across industries since he began his career in the mid 2000s. He has an uncanny ability to connect with people, which led him to create and host Boston Speaks Up, a podcast visiting with people all over the globe sharing their stories of inspiration. The podcast has been syndicated to Boston Business Journal's BostInno since 2019.


Chris Cardoza

Video & Photo Partner

Chris Cardoza is the founder of Doza Visuals and a positive force telling stories that matter. He’s currently developing artist documentaries for The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). Whether it’s working with household brands like Reebok and TB12, or traveling to Rwanda to document the impact of sports on culture, or working with athletes such as Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Raisman and NFL Superstar JJ Watt, his passion for documentary filmmaking makes him uniquely suited to work with modern brands who value authentic storytelling.


Justin Bingham

Technology Advisor

Justin is a tech visionary who's spent two decades starting and running companies, architecting and building mission-critical enterprise technologies. For the last several years he's focused on wide-scale use cases of decentralized web3 technologies. He is a co-editor of the Solid Project with the inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee, and has contributed and authored multiple standards for secure, consent-based interoperability between applications in a decentralized Web3 ecosystem.


Raquel Meneses

UX/UI Designer

Raquel is a purpose-driven designer. She is laser-focused on identifying impactful design enhancements that address key user needs through tactical user research. She excels at studying people’s behaviors, analyzing user experience data and developing actionable insights to make impactful UX/UI design improvements. Never shy at solving complex problems, Raquel is steadfast in her focus on delivering value to the end user.

IMG_0244 (1)_edited.jpg

Nick Cicero

GTM Guru

Nick is a successful entrepreneur who’s most comfortable with his sleeves rolled up leading growth efforts for companies. He founded and led growth at Delmondo, a media measurement company he sold to Conviva in 2018. In his 15+ year career, Nick has been at the forefront of numerous industry firsts, such as creating the first enterprise analytics solutions for Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live, co-producing the first Snapchat Branded Series with Marriott Rewards, and working with Oprah to launch the first Instagram video on TV.


Tyler Scholl

Partner/Creative Maestro

Tyler is an adventurer with a passion for the possibilities of design. A big picture thinker, keen on the details, he has an intuitive ability to connect deeply with the core of people and brands, immersing himself in the environment of a problem and allowing empathy for the user to mold the solution. He’s been a startup brand marketer and a corporate user experience designer. In any role, he’s the digital swiss army knife that develops ideas into impactful productions.


Amory King

Brand Therapist

Amory brings sunshine to the rainiest of days. She has a natural ability to connect with business owners and reflect the true essence of a brand. She’s helped countless startups and an impressive list of brands such as Google, Smirnoff, Uber, Playboy, Samsung, Deluxe, Priceline, Esquire, Esurance, Viacom, Clorox, STX, Hewlett Packard, LG Electronics, Fidelity Labs, Urban Outfitters, Microsoft, among countless more. All brands working with Amory benefit from someone who specializes in human connection and how authentic stories are told.


JP Servideo

Live Experience Nerd

JP exudes charisma and passion that makes it no surprise he’s one of the most successful public speakers in teaching financial education to teens. He has participated in and helped produce more than 500 live experiences. His talks have been given across the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. Not simply an on-stage talent, JP is a proven entrepreneur and live experience leader who can custom develop and executive produce events of all sizes.

Joe promo full_edited_edited.jpg

Joe Maglitta

Analyst Wizard

Joe is a critical thinker flying at all altitude levels, unpacking the big picture while dissecting the most complex technology topics. From his time at Ziff Davis, IDG and Informa to his work with VentureBeat and Forrester Consulting in recent years, Joe specializes in keeping his finger on the pulse of innovations impacting the enterprise. A lively and authoritative on-stage and on-screen presence, Joe has programmed, hosted and moderated more than 600 events.

KLP_3854_websize (1)_edited.jpg

Jeff Benanto

Messaging/Marketing Maestro

Jeff is a marketing and communications warhorse, adept at translating market and customer insights into a winning POV for organizations. His communication skills transcend brand awareness and product marketing and he meets positioning, product marketing and content challenges quickly and decisively. He’s primarily worked with SaaS technology startups and enterprise organizations, including Everbridge, and Mattermost (where he most recently served as Head of Marketing, overseeing Product, Demand and Corporate Marketing). He’s also the founder of Root Note Marketing.


The VCL Consortium

Right skill, right time

From the 35,000 ft view, to the specialist that can cut through the noise, our talent is diverse and experienced to deliver business value where it is needed.

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