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Where is AI heading in 2024 and beyond? Value Creation Labs and veteran analysts Joe Maglitta and Galen Moore bring to you the definitive report unpacking the cluster of AI, ML and Big Data companies driving global innovation from New England. In our report, ‘Boston Startups Put AI and Data to Work in Verticals and Enterprises’, we analyze seven years of PitchBook data (2017-2023), leverage a series of interviews with investors and entrepreneurs and explore the quickening shift in AI & ML investments into core enterprise and vertical industry applications, enabled by leading-edge data infrastructure. What can you expect in the report? Sample insights include:

  • Since 2019, the Boston area ranks third in AI-related funding behind only the Bay Area and New York. 

  • Today, more than 600 AI companies are headquartered in the Boston region. 

  • Between 2017 and the peak in 2021, annual VC investments into AI and ML deals in New England surged 555% (from $900 million to $5.9 billion), beating an overall national increase of 490% (from $11 billion to $65 billion). The Boston area’s growth rate was 40 percentage points higher than the U.S. average. 

  • While investments in 2023 cooled quite a bit, we surmise it’s reasonable to expect that in 2024 the region is well positioned to bounce back and benefit from strong industry-wide growth predicted for data management software and AI applications. 


Presented by Fidelity, with support from the New England Venture Capital Association and Glasswing Ventures, this comprehensive report documents the cluster of Boston metro companies busily innovating in enterprise AI. Area companies have built leadership in applying Big Data and a variety of AI models to crucial business challenges in cybersecurity, biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, robotics, martech and other fields. Download the report now and dive into insights suited for investors, IT leaders and entrepreneurs alike.

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