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Boston Startups Put AI and Data to Work in Vertical Industries and Enterprises

Where is AI heading in 2024 and beyond? Value Creation Labs and veteran analysts Joe Maglitta and Galen Moore bring to you the definitive report unpacking the cluster of AI, ML and Big Data companies driving global innovation from New England.

Transforming workers into a powerful advantage.

What? Human error contributes to an estimated 95% of all cyberattacks like phishing and data theft.1 No wonder people are named a top risk (again!) by Verizon’s respected global security report.2

Take heart. Smart training helps enterprises manage this perennial problem. “Edutainment” and other modern approaches can transform workers into a powerful protector of precious data, money and reputation. ACI Learning’s new analyst report gives you new ways to view and transform the challenge. It’s packed with the latest industry research and insights.

*psst! We designed their website too! :)

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Booming innovation and
growth continues.

This report provides an overview of the burgeoning cybersecurity landscape in Massachusetts. 2022 follows a record-breaking year for venture-backed investments in Bay State cybersecurity companies. In 2021, investors funded 34 deals totaling $2.75 billion, up from 26 deals for $530 million in 2020 – a one-year dollar increase of more than 5x and nearly 10x since 2015. The report's goal is to give you a clearer idea of...

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What's changing for government agencies?

How can stakeholders in the DoD prepare for the transition from ATO to cATO? By aligning more closely with the RMF and better managing documentation in the service of transparency and real-time information sharing.


The Cybersecurity Resources You Need.

You don’t have to be a security pro to be concerned by the headlines about businesses losing thousands or millions of dollars in the wake of cybercrime attacks. Unfortunately, that's just the beginning, as we don’t always know the impact on these businesses' reputations and customer trust. 

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