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095: Boston Speaks Up with Stanley Rameau of Renavest

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Boston Speaks Up (BSU) is a podcast owned and operated by Value Creation Labs. (Editor’s note: this interview was one of three conducted during a special Boston Speaks Up live recording at Startup Boston Week 2023.)

Stanley Rameau is the Founder and CEO of Renavest, a financial education community for investors and individuals to connect, share and build wealth. He is poised to make an even greater impact with the imminent release of the Renavest app on both the App Store and Google Play Store this fall (Join the waitlist). When Rameau isn’t guiding individuals from all walks of life along their journey to wealth building, he can be found building and growing his Boston-based fashion brand, Paul Rameau. Rameau's journey is defined by a mosaic of diverse work experiences that have molded him into the inspiring figure he is today. His early career involved roles in design and marketing within the fashion industry, where he fine-tuned his creative talents. Later, he ventured into entrepreneurship, growing multiple successful startups. Rameau's career path showcases his versatility and a relentless drive to make a meaningful impact.

In 2019, Rameau launched Paul Rameau in honor of his father’s passing to myeloma. The fashion brand is making waves in the Greater Boston Area, as covered in this article from The Boston Globe. Rameau's unique creativity is deeply rooted in his commitment to unlocking his own untapped potential, a commitment that reverberates throughout his remarkable career. His wellspring of creativity flows from a profound commitment to unlocking his untapped potential. In all his endeavors, he strives to encourage others to embrace risks and embark on their personal journey of doing the same. We were grateful to sit down with Rameau at Startup Boston Week to discuss his passion to help individuals take calculated risks and transform their lives. You can listen to our podcast discussion embedded below or on any podcast platform you prefer (YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Play):

Check out the highlights from the Boston Speaks Up podcast live at Startup Boston Week 2023:

Written Q&A:

Where did you grow up? And how would you describe your childhood? Who were your role models?

I'm a Boston native, Mattapan to be exact. My childhood was great! I formed enduring friendships while spending countless hours on basketball courts across Mattapan, Dorchester, and Roxbury. My competitive spirit from those days continues to shape my entrepreneurial mindset. Beyond sports, I devoted much of my time to church, attending services 3-4 times a week.

Can you share some pivotal moments in your career journey that led you to where you are today?

One of my earliest work experiences laid the groundwork for my journey as a startup founder. During my first internship, I sold office supplies to businesses in Boston. It involved knocking on countless doors daily, I’d say an average of 80, enduring harsh weather conditions, and facing rejection from frustrated prospects who didn't want solicitors in their buildings. Nevertheless, I persevered, consistently meeting and exceeding my sales goals.

Your fashion brand, Paul Rameau, pays tribute to your father. Could you discuss how personal experiences have influenced your work?

Much of my childhood was spent in the company of my father, immersing myself in his diverse passions. I watched him paint, witnessed his craftsmanship in carpentry, and marveled at his soul-stirring solos with the church choir. His multifaceted talents left me in awe, and I often referred to him as a modern-day Renaissance man.

The designs I create at Paul Rameau draw inspiration from my father's creative pursuits and his timeless wardrobe essentials. We strive to empower individuals to embrace their own Renaissance, unlocking their full potential.

Could you tell us more about the mission of Renavest and how it aligns with your vision for the future of financial education?

Renavest's mission is to make investment communities more accessible to those looking to improve their financial literacy and wellness.

What inspired you to transition from fashion to the financial education sector with Renavest, and what challenges did you encounter during this shift?

At first, I didn't anticipate making the transition. Initially, I sought ways to harmonize both ventures or pursue them concurrently. However, as I delved into day trading stocks and became immersed in online communities, I began to identify various challenges that spurred my desire to seek solutions. The urgency to act swiftly stemmed from the fast-paced nature of the tech industry, where seizing opportunities promptly is crucial.

My fashion brand holds a more personal connection, allowing it to scale organically as long as I continue sharing my story.

Launching a beta app for Renavest is a significant milestone. How do you envision this platform evolving in the future?

Great question, we want to be the app store for online communities that care about creating impact in the financial wellness space and as a new user you can find credible individuals who can help you reach your financial goals and you don’t have to feel alone doing it.

Eventually we want to be the platform where anyone can find any online community no matter where it’s hosted.

Can you share some strategies you've employed to push the boundaries of the narrative surrounding black creativity and entrepreneurship in Boston?

I created a campaign called rebirth Boston where I featured different artist, DJ’s in the city of Boston that through their talents and efforts were uplifting the narrative that you can be successful within your passions in the city. I created video episodes that inspired other individuals within the city.

In your opinion, what are the key qualities or skills that aspiring entrepreneurs should cultivate to succeed in today's rapidly evolving business landscape?

Learn how to network and build genuine relationships. I don't think there’s anything more important and it can be the essence and foundation of building your business. Knowing how to network can help build your team, find your first customer, find your first investor.

How do you balance your personal journey of self-discovery and growth with your professional pursuits?

I keep people around me that hold me accountable if I’m working too much! I probably hear the word balance at least once a day so I try to find ways to relax, work on my spiritual life so I don’t feel like I’m one sided and my identity is only subjective to me being a founder.

As someone who encourages risk-taking, what advice do you have for individuals who are hesitant to step out of their comfort zones to pursue their passions?

Start with just telling your idea to the people around you and get early feedback! If you can

What role do mentorship and networking play in your career, and how have they contributed to your success?

Networking plays a huge role and everything for me begins with the relationships I make. It helped me scale my sister's fashion brand, my brand and has had a positive impact on Renavest as well. From a mentorship standpoint, I think creating genuine relationships with individuals who have an open door policy is the best form of mentorship because it diversifies the information you’re getting from different individuals.

What legacy do you hope to leave through your career, and how do you plan to continue making a positive impact in your community and beyond?

I want to encourage and inspire the idea of living your renaissance which for me means reaching your fullest potential.

FINAL QUESTION: We like the idea of ending our episodes with a challenge for the listeners/readers. Whether it be reaching out to an old friend, reading 5 pages a day from a book, creating a new healthy habit… What is one challenge you have for the listeners?

Chat with friends and family about investments.


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